5 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Roofs are the most vital part of any building. They protect us from rain, strong winds, and storms. So, what happens when a roof leak occurs?


Even the tiniest leaks can cause significant water damage to your home. Large roof leaks take a lot of time and money to repair. If you notice a roof leak, you need to call for an immediate inspection from a professional roofer to resolve the issue. Let’s look at the most common causes of roof leaks. Contact a Roofer in Temecula.


5 Common Causes of Roof Leaks


Here are the most common types of roof leaks:


Roof Holes


One of the main reasons roofs leak is when exterior damage creates holes in your roof. This can be caused by fallen trees, branches, or debris during storms. This is most commonly seen with residential customers who have lots of trees near their homes. Holes in your roof can cause irreparable damage. Water can slowly seep down into your home and cause essential metal components of your roof to rust. If you notice any type of exterior damage to your roof, it’s vital to call a professional roofer immediately for repairs.


Improper Ventilation


Improper ventilation is another common cause of roof leaks. Poor or non-existent ventilation can cause attic temperatures to rise to 150 degrees or higher in hot weather. Since your roofing system is comprised of many different metal components, improper ventilation can lead to significant damage. As moisture builds up, rust can break down the integrity of your roof and cause leaks.


Damaged Shingles


Shingles are essential to your roof for many reasons. Not only do they safeguard your roof, but they enhance the look of your home. Damaged shingles are a leading cause of roof leaks. Whether they are improperly installed or damaged from bad weather conditions, it’s vital to fix damaged shingles as soon as possible. A quick look at the exterior of your roof can help you determine whether shingles are missing from your house after a big storm. Talk to your local roofer for help!


Clogged Gutters


Clogged gutters don’t just create problems for your property, but they also can lead to leaks in your roof.  When gutters are clogged, they stop water from traveling off your roof. When there is a blockage, water can accumulate on your roof, impacting the integrity of your shingles and causing leaks in your roof. That’s why it’s essential to keep your gutters clean all year long.




The largest and most significant cause of roof leaks is weather and catastrophic storms like flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The changing climate is destructive for roofs as rain, storms, and heavy winds damage the exterior of your home. When your roof is damaged from the harsh weather elements, moisture can damage shingles, penetrate your home, and create significant water damage.  Storms can also cause tree branches and other heavy debris to fall on your home and compromise the integrity of your roof.


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