Common Issues Caused by Commercial Roof Leaks

One of the most significant causes of commercial roof leaks is weather damage. From extreme heat to heavy rain and wind, your roof can be susceptible to damage for various reasons. One of the most common signs of commercial roof damage is roof leaks.


If you have a roof leak, it’s imperative to hire a commercial roofer for immediate repairs. If not, minor issues lead to catastrophic problems that damage the interior of your building and costs thousands of dollars in repairs. Even worse, your business can be shut down by the local health department or building inspector as leaks can create health concerns, short circuits, and issues with mold and bacteria growth.


Common Issues Caused by Commercial Roof Leaks


Several factors can cause your commercial roof leaks. Wind storms, lack of maintenance, improper installation, and deterioration from age are several causes.


If you notice a commercial roof leak, it’s vital to handle the issue immediately. Ignoring the problem can lead to the following issues:


Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Growth


Mold and mildew growth is a top issue associated with roof leaks that aren’t repaired for a long time. These issues become incredibly problematic because they are a health concern. Not only do they cause interior damage to your commercial property, but they can cause respiratory problems and other health problems for those inside your building. If you let these issues go unresolved, you can be at risk for fines and even lawsuits if someone gets sick as a result.


High Energy Bills


Even the tiniest water leaks can create a significant spike in your energy bills when left unfixed. Additionally, if a hole in your commercial roof causes your leak, you will notice a spike in your heating or electric bills, as well. Wasted energy usage doesn’t just increase your bills. Still, it also puts extra strain on your appliances, such as your air conditioning unit.


Electrical Issues


Commercial roof leaks can create severe problems with your electrical outlets and supply. When electrical fixtures, outlets, and other components of your power supply are exposed to water, there could be dangerous results. Not only will it cost you significant expenses for repairs, but it can also lead to injury if people are inside your building when an electrical outlet shorts.


Interior Damage


Interior damage can be challenging to handle. Not only are you faced with significant roof repairs when your commercial roof leaks, but you also have to replace or repair any interior damage as well. This can include everything from wall and carpet repairs to replacing televisions, cash registers, and other electronic devices. If you suspect you have a roof leak, it’s essential to contact a local roofer right away to inspect your roof before roof damage moves inside of your commercial property and creates an even bigger headache.


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