The Difference Between TRT Pasadena and Other Testosterone Treatments

If you believe that low testosterone levels are impacting your life, you’re not alone. As men age, T levels begin to decrease. While this is thought to start around your 30th birthday, at the 40-year-mark, testosterone levels can drop more rapidly.


While low testosterone levels have a different impact on different individuals, some men will suffer many negative consequences. Mood changes, decreased libido, weight gain, muscle loss, and lack of motivation are just a few of the issues that you may notice as your testosterone drops. For this reason, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) continues to grow in popularity.


If you’re considering TRT therapy, you might be wondering how it differs from other testosterone treatments. One of the most commonly-cited testosterone-enhancing options is anabolic steroids – which should be avoided at all costs. So, why is TRT different from consuming anabolic steroids?


Firstly, anabolic steroids are illegal in the United States without a prescription, which means that there is never a reason that you should be using them independently. Aside from that, the significant differences involve the applications and intentions of the treatment.


In terms of application, TRT Pasadena is conducted in a controlled environment with medical professionals that will evaluate your health profile. As there are risks associated with any type of hormone therapy, a licensed professional will need to ensure that your treatment conforms to valid protocols.


Secondly, the intention of TRT is to raise your testosterone levels to previous levels. This is why it’s referred to as a “replacement” therapy. Individuals that use TRT have reduced testosterone levels due to age or medical conditions.


On the other hand, anabolic steroids are often used to increase testosterone above normal human levels. Many individuals use these illegal testosterone therapies to build excessive muscle. Anabolic steroids are also often consumed outside of legal parameters, so there is no proper oversite regulating their use.


Never Take Testosterone Therapies from Illicit Sources


It’s essential to remember that taking testosterone therapies from illegal sources can have dire consequences. Many individuals attempting to increase their muscle mass consume testosterone from non-regulated sources.


Taking these substances without a prescription is illegal in the United States – and it’s also extremely dangerous. Even if a steroid product has a compound that is similar to a TRT treatment, there’s also a good chance the product is full of other chemicals. This can quickly have a devastating impact on your health – you never know how your body will react to steroids in the short or long term.


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