What’s the Best Way to Pack a Box

Packing for a relocation appears to be a relatively uncomplicated and straightforward process.  You just wrap up your belongings in paper or bubble wrap and then place them in cardboard boxes, right? Believe it or not, there’s more that goes into packing than this. When you begin packing your belongings, you’ll quickly find that the packing experience entails much more than simply wrapping up whatever you have on hand and tossing your stuff into random boxes.


If you want to avoid damage to your personal belongings and ease the stress of your move, quality packaging is crucial. Assessing your packing requirements is critical in determining what’s best for the products you’re transporting. Here are some tips to help you when packing up your boxes.


What to Pack in Different-Sized Boxes


Without boxes, you obviously can’t relocate. However, selecting the best options and ensuring that you have enough for your relocation can be a challenge. So, let’s discuss what you need to know to prepare yourself for your move.


Extra-Large Boxes


These boxes are best for significant items that take up a lot of room, such as pillows, comforters, quilts, blankets, artwork, furniture, etc. Make sure the box isn’t too heavy to handle and don’t overfill your boxes.


Large-Sized Boxes


Large boxes offer plenty of room to gather your belongings. They’re ideal for objects that don’t breakdown to be easy to pack, like curtains, floor rugs, shoes, handbags, kitchen appliances, furniture, and more.


Medium-Sized Boxes


You can also add a lot to medium-sized boxes. Whether you fill them with several small items, a few mid-sized items, or a single large item like cookware, appliances, entertainment items, or large toys, you will use a lot of medium-sized boxes in your move. They’re also great for clothes and games.


Small-Sized Boxes


Small boxes are helpful for single packaging objects that can easily be misplaced or smaller than most items. This includes DVDs and CDs, cooking ingredients, food items, toiletries, books, jewelry, framed photos, vases, and other valuables.


How to Pack Your Boxes Effectively


Now that you know what size boxes are available, let’s look at how to pack moving boxes properly to avoid any damage.


Choose the Best Sized Box


Before you start packaging, make sure the boxes are the correct size. Fill the boxes with heavier goods at the bottom and lighter stuff at the top. In the boxes, don’t leave any blank spots. Use clothes, towels, or packing paper to fill in the open spaces.


Pack Things from Different Rooms in Different Boxes


Do not put goods from several different rooms in the same box. It will delay your packing and unpacking. It’s a great idea to number each box and keep an inventory list in a tiny notebook to keep track of everything you’ve packed.


Protect the Boxes with Tape


Close the bottom and top seams with tape, then wrap the top and bottom edges of the box with a couple of wraps. If you’re transporting valuables, make sure you’re using the right packing materials to avoid damage.


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