Boho Chic Party Tips

Boho chic has always been a consistent theme for many. There is something so dreamy and serene about this theme that makes it a choice for a number of celebrations. No matter if you’re planning a birthday party, wedding, or other celebration with this idea, it never hurts to get a little more inspiration. Here are some ideas to make your boho chic celebration everything you could ever want!

Dreamy lace, accents, and tassels oh my!

If you are going for a boho chic birthday or engagement party, you are familiar with a lot of the popular decor this particular theme has. To decorate your space, tables, chairs, and other fixtures, go with lace accents in dreamy hues of cream, teal, and pink! You can weave ribbon through table and chair legs as well.

Florals and Antlers

A great DIY project that would look amazing at your boho chic party, buy antlers in various sizes from an arts and craft store along with flowers. Then glue the flowers on the antlers to create boho chic decor perfect to have as centerpieces or on the food/dessert table! If you don’t want to use glue, you could also arrange large bouquets of flowers with antlers sticking out.

Macrame Galore

Macrame is a signature detail for all boho chic events. Whether you have macrame table covers, macrame curtains, macrame hanging pieces, and so on, this accent adds the perfect touch of boho chic no matter what! Creamy macrame will make for a standout feature in your event.

Big Fluffy Seating

A great idea for a boho dinner party is to arrange seating on the floor with a big blanket, big fluffy pillows as chairs, and a low stand type of table for food. This will be perfect to have your guests seated in style, and it will definitely be worthy of a few social media shoutouts as well!

A Decorative Food Spread

When thinking of boho chic, many of us think rustic, floral, and lacy details. And arrows always make an appearance somewhere too. Make cake pops with arrow sticks, have floral cupcake toppers, grab a few mason jars for drinks, and buy a few packs of lacy napkins. It’s the small details like these that will add a lot of charm to your themed celebration.

Green Thumb

Succulents and ivy leaves are perfect accents to a boho party. Succulents can be placed throughout tables, and leaves can be bunched together around candles, or strewn throughout tables for a touch of green to go with beautiful floral details. Combined with macrame, the greenery has a beautiful pop of color!


Planning a boho chic themed party can leave you with the possibilities to explore so many decor details! There is a reason so many people choose boho chic, and it’s a timeless theme  that will never run out of style. If you are searching for tent rentals in Palm Springs to accompany your boho chic event, Town & Country Event Rentals has you covered!

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